Waves Dance Studio Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 07/01/2021

1. Our agreement with you

1.1 As a customer of Waves Dance Studio these terms & conditions form the basis of your agreement with Waves Dance Studio.

1.2 Waves Dance Studio agreements with you also include your registration form, which you complete and provide to Waves Dance Studio.

1.3 I agree to adhere to Waves Dance Studio policies, procedures and code of conduct.

1.4 Participation in the Annual Concert at the end of the year is expected of all students.

1.5 Any timetabled class having three or fewer students enrolled may be cancelled at the discretion of the Principal.


2. Refunds, Discounts and Credits

2.1 Upon enrolment, you will be invoiced a $20.00 non-refundable enrolment fee to cover insurance.

2.2 No refunds, discounts or credits are given for missed classes for any reasons, while the student is enrolled except for when a medical certificate is supplied. Credit for any missed classes during the period stated on the medical certificate will be held over to the following term's invoice. 

2.3 Students are enrolled for one whole school year, running with local school terms. If you wish to withdraw your child from dance, the Principal must be notified either in writing or in person (text message not permitted). Failing to attend class is not regarded as cancellation of enrolment and you will still be invoiced for classes missed prior to exit notification.

2.4 An “early bird” discount of 15% will be available for the first two weeks of each term.

2.5 Credits will be provided in the case of the Director cancelling classes.

2.6 All invoices are sent via email and placed in the students' pigeon hole. 

2.7 All payments, excluding adult classes and uniforms, must be paid via direct deposit.

2.8 All Services vouchers must be emailed.


3. Class Procedure

3.1 Waves Dance Studio requests that small children are taken to the toilet before their class commences to avoid disruption during class.

3.2 Please be punctual on arrival and ensure your child is collected on time.
3.3 For Waves Dance Studio to maintain a positive teaching environment, classes during the term are closed to all visitors unless otherwise booked in with the Principal.
3.4 For Observation Days, mobile phones are to be switched off.


4. Costs

4.1 Fees will be paid by the due date of each term.

4.2 Fees are distributed via e-mail on the first day back of each term and placed in the students' pigeon hole.

4.3 Payment for tuition can be made via bank transfer or card at the Studio. 

4.4 If you require a Payment Plan please contact the Principal. A 2% administration fee will be added to all accounts each week that no attempt at payment has been paid following the due date. 

4.5 Students are invited to participate in exams, performance teams & annual concerts all of which will incur additional charges including but not limited to; exam/test fees, formal uniform purchase, extra rehearsal fees, costume purchase, concert ticket purchase, DVD purchase, photograph purchase. The Studio provides plenty of information to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether to participate.
4.6 Waves Dance Studio reserves the right to cancel or change the timetable and price structure at any point in time.

4.7 A $20.00 per class costume fee will be added to both Term 2 and Term 3 invoices, to eliminate additional costs at the end of the year. Any outstanding costume fees will be added to the Term 4 invoice.


5. Communications

5.1 Waves Dance Studio will communicate with you primarily by email. If you consent to receive information from Waves Dance Studio via email, Waves Dance Studio will not provide your details to any other company, entity or organisation unless consented to by you and all other information will be kept by The Studio in accordance with the Privacy Act.
5.2 Waves Dance Studio will use its best endeavours to ensure that all communications are virus-free, however, Waves Dance Studio is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you in the event that a virus or like the issue is transmitted unknowingly by Waves Dance Studio.

5.3 Parents/carers should not contact class teachers, all communication should go through the Principal.


6. Working with Children

6.1 All staff, Teachers and Assistant Teachers of The Studio have a Working With Children Check as required by relevant legislation.


7. Limit of Liability

7.1 Waves Dance Studio do not exclude or limit –

(a) The application of any provision of any statute (including the Trade Practices Act 1974) were to do so would contravene that statute or cause any part of this clause 7 to be void;

(b) All care according to the “Code of Ethics of Dance Teachers” will be taken by, but no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property howsoever caused and without limiting the generality of the aforegoing damage or injury resulting from or caused by any negligence of the principal, instructors or other employees of the said Waves Dance Studio.

7.2 If students are injured/ill, a certificate from a medical professional needs to be obtained before your child is able to participate in class again, or all insurance will be null and void for this period. Students are encouraged to still attend class and watch. Refunds will be dealt with on each individual basis.


8. Consent

8.1 Your child’s enrolment in Waves Dance Studio is voluntary and participation in class and activities involved in all classes on offer can involve risk of personal injury, including but not limited to muscle strains, sprain and falls and you freely assume these risks for your child/ren as outlined in clause 7. The participant will immediately fully inform each teacher of any physical difficulties or injuries that occur before or during class

8.2 Where the participant may require medical assistance, Waves Dance Studio has permission to seek First Aid or Medical Attention.

8.3 The teacher or teaching assistant may have to assist your child’s understanding of action, posture or position by physical contact e.g. holding hands in a circle; lifting; correcting posture. You consent to teachers & assistant teacher of Waves Dance Studio having contact with your child in this regard.

8.4 You consent to Staff, Teachers, Assistant Teachers & Teaching Aides of Waves Dance Studio taking your child to the toilet during class if your child requires to use the toilet.

8.5 Images, footage and audio recordings of my child are permitted to be used by the Studio for Studio promotional purposes.