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Waves Dance Studio is a recreational dance school in Evans Head ran under Principal, Abigail Watson.


Classes range from our tiny tots through to fitness classes for adults with many genres available for each age group.


At Waves, we pride ourselves on knowing each student and what they need to become the best version of themselves, both in and out of dance class. Our committed staff thrives on providing the best opportunities for our students through local events and participation in yearly examinations in the Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabus and Acrobatic Arts syllabus which all of our students look forward to.


Our dance year culminates with an End of Year Concert.

Mission statement:

To educate the arts leaders of tomorrow in a safe and inclusive environment on the benefits and endless possibilities of dance.


Vision statement:

Provide quality learning for our students; for dance and for life. 


Benefits of dance:

  • Increases fitness levels (including vital organs, muscles, endurance and cardiovascular system)

  • A social sport

  • Allows friendly competition

  • Teaches students the importance of practice, dedication and self belief

  • Increase in coordination, agility, flexibility, balance and kinesthetic awareness

  • Improved mental well-being and a greater self-confidence


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